Remote Support

Your Polaris IT Representative can view your screen and provide remote support for Windows computers using this streaming app:

Once the download is complete, please run the app (PolarisITS-RemoteSupport.exe), and then approve the installation (yes, allow it to make changes). After a brief time, a small window will appear with a 9 digit session code. If you tell this code to your Polaris IT Representative, they will be able to access your machine, see what you see, and even take control of your computer to assist or troubleshoot. Be sure that you only communicate this code to your trusted Polaris IT Representative.

If you close that window, the session will be terminated, and then you would need to get a new code to reestablish the remote support connection. Obviously this app depends on a properly functioning machine and Internet connection; but we can sometimes help you troubleshoot hardware failures or Internet outages remotely too; at other times there is no way to avoid a site visit.

If you need remote support for a MacOS machine, an Android device, or an iPhone or iPad, that can also be arranged. Just ask your Polaris IT Representative for how to establish remote support to non-Windows machines. We’re happy to help.

Please note that all Remote Support is subject to the Terms of Service agreement.