Dependable IT Outsourcing

Polaris IT Solutions provides dependable IT outsourcing to businesses and organizations throughout Central North Carolina. We deliver solutions, service, and support with professional acumen and personal demeanor.

We work with industry standards and major vendors to support end use devices (computers, phones, tablets, printers, etc.), as well as the systems and services that make them really useful. We provide and maintain the infrastructure for Cloud Solutions and Premise Solutions, so that you can focus on your mission and stay productive.

We dedicate a Polaris IT Representative to your organization, and they will conduct the lion’s share of our work on your behalf, in accordance with your needs and budget. We don’t shunt you to a foreign call center, nor do we constantly rotate the person assigned to provide you support. You will have a consistent human interface to our services, with the person capable of planning, designing, implementing, maintaining, and supporting any (or all) of your IT solutions.

Your Polaris IT Representative will be your primary contact for all interactions with our company: that includes consulting, implementation, maintenance, and support services. In addition, they will help you task the Polaris IT Shop, and if necessary, they will provide emergency support. That same person will also be skilled at communicating and understanding your business needs and priorities, and providing sustainable technical solutions. Such people are unusual; a Polaris IT Representative must be technically adept in many areas, but they must also be professional, responsible, dependable, and well able to advise you; we are frontline generalists. To us, IT outsourcing means that we take personal, professional responsibility for your systems, given your commitment to our Terms of Service.

Please contact Polaris to meet one of our representatives, and to see how we can help you overcome technical challenges and focus on your mission.