Make IT Affordable

Information technology is an essential investment; but the technical landscape can often resemble a wilderness. How do you know that you aren’t overcomplicating your IT infrastructure? How do you know that you are not missing out on technologies that could save you time and money? Polaris IT Solutions will guide you.

When we recommend solutions, we consider the productive value of the device or service as well as the amount of effort necessary to implement and support that asset. Over time, our labor will generally cost you less than the equipment and third party services that we implement and support. Moreover, we try to minimize the impact of downtime on your staff’s efficiency – an expense that is often neglected during budget discussions. It is critical to consider the cost of our time and your time, as well as the equipment and services that comprise your technical infrastructure.

As a local IT outsourcing company, we provide a personal approach to IT solutions, rather than using rotating staff or call center support. This collaborative approach promotes insourcing solutions: we assist your staff to learn how to resolve minor issues and optimally utilize their systems, which improves productivity and delivers better value than a typical managed service provider (MSP). Meanwhile, we remain available to handle more difficult or unusual technical concerns. Your Polaris IT Representative is dedicated to serving your mission and your people, and that means getting the best value and productive use out of your IT investment.

Once you agree to our terms of service and task us to work, your Polaris IT Representative will bill their time at a base rate of $150 per hour, in quarter hour increments, for all consulting, service, and support during normal business hours. If circumstances demand work outside of normal business hours, or at top priority, we apply a 50% surcharge for Priority Service. We do not track the time necessary to drive to your location, but we do charge a $75 site visit fee, per vehicle, within the Greater Triangle Area.

In order to reduce costs, your Polaris IT Representative may recommend that you utilize our Shop Services for certain routine work performed offsite at our facilities. Such services are billed at a fixed price via a Shop Order, which may also include the cost of any necessary parts or materials. The prices of these Shop Services are determined by the average time necessary to do such work, at a reduced rate of $100/hr. Shop Orders are fulfilled in queue, as they are approved – assuming all necessary materials are available. You can expedite a Shop Order by requesting that your Polaris IT Representative handle the work, in which case we might cancel the order and bill the work at our standard rates as described above. The Polaris IT Shop enables us to scale parts and services to meet demand, and to reduce the cost of your IT solutions.

As always, 501(c)(3) non profits receive a 15% discount for time billed by your Polaris IT Representative.